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Widder Hotel Zurich Switzerland
Hotel Type: 5 Star
Widder Hotel Zurich Switzerland
Rennweg 7, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

The Widder Hotel Zurich is both a luxury hotel and a private residence. One of the hotel main objective is to create an exclusive private ambiance for you, an atmosphere which will make you fell truly at home. The hotel remarkable architecture helps attain the hotel's goals. No two rooms are alike. Each one has its individual floor plan and unique appointments - just as in a private home. The Widder Hotel Zurich is located in a tranquil neighborhood of downtown Zurich. This give you the opportunity to discover the vibrant city, its people, and its attraction first hand.

The Widder Hotel Zurich is located in a tranquil neighborhood of downtown Zurich (1 block) and 9 miles from the Zurich Kolten Airport. The Augustiner Church, St Peter Church and Lake of Zurich are nearby

Widder Hotel Zurich Switzerland Accommodation

The Widder Hotel comprises 42 guest rooms and 7 suites, some with their own roof terrace. All rooms are located in eight carefully restored historic buildings. A truly remarkable and exceptional aspect about the Widder Hotel is that no two rooms are alike. Each one is a singular composition in terms of floor plan, furnishings, appointments and moods - every single room is one-of-a-kind and distinctive. Indeed, this is quite likely what you would expect from a very refined private residence.

Widder Hotel Zurich Switzerland Characteristics and Facilities

The Widder Restaurant consists of two parts with completely different interiors. The same refined culinary pleasures await you in both settings: Our specialties menu features a selection of original and very popular fish and meat dishes from all regions of Switzerland as well as vegetarian creations. Every day, the bill of fare is enriched with three additional lunch menus. Don’t miss the Wirtschaft Zur Schtund, a popular meeting place where you can enjoy the company of local people in a relaxed pub-like atmosphere.

Be it for sophisticated presentations, important receptions, lively cocktail parties or exclusive events, the Widder Hotel is the perfect setting. Its assets include refined architecture, an easily accessible and tranquil location, suitable function rooms, excellent cuisine and personal service. Six different rooms are available for events with up to 200 persons. Each room has a modern infrastructure and can be equipped with any required presentation aid.

Decades before the Widder Hotel was opened, the Widder Bar was a famous haven of jazz. Musicians from all over the world and live jazz lovers from all over Europe gathered here. Many big jazz careers started or culminated at this bar. The Widder Hotel brought this fine tradition back to life in 1995. At the tastefully renovated Widder Bar, you can enjoy live performances by the likes of Abby Lincoln (voc), Hank Jones (piano) or Phil Woods (sax).

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