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Hotel Wellenberg Zurich Switzerland
Hotel Type: 4 Star
Hotel Wellenberg Zurich Switzerland
Niederdorfstrasse 10 · CH-8001 Zürich

The location is unique and central. Hotel Wellenberg, in the middle of the historical old town of Zürich is surrounded by the most important points of interest. A five minute walk will take you to the Lake of Zürich and Europe's famous shopping boulevard - the Bahnhofstrasse. A stroll through the old town with theaters, museums, galleries, the ancient guild houses, numerous bars, restaurants and cafés promises endless entertainment. Your adventure in Zürich begins and ends at The Wellenberg. The main railway station is within a five-minute walk from the hotel and you can reach the airport with our hotel bus in 20 minutes.

Hotel Wellenberg Zurich Switzerland Accommodation

 The rooms in the Wellenberg have been meticulously furnished to create a modern, stylish look. Warm colours and quality materials set the tone of the hotel. Most of the rooms overlook the alleys and squares of the old part of Zurich. The rooms Situated in the inner courtyard provide a romantic view onto the outskirts of the City on the Limmat.

Our rooms are equipped with soundproof windows and doors, modern bathroom or shower, a hallway with wardrobes, shelving and pull-out cupboards, minibar, safe, cable TV and pay-to-view TV. Comfortable seating, an occasional table, Internet access and a cordless telephone round it all off to ensure the perfect stay. We can also place an extra bed in your double room if you so wish.

Hotel Wellenberg Zurich Switzerland Characteristics and Facilities

In the Niederdorf, "the village", Zürich is a colourful city. Here life pulsates in all its many facets. Usually cheerful and uncomplicated. Often red-hot and a little crazy. Sometimes individual and eccentric. Located exactly in the centre at the Hirschenplatz, the village hang-out par excellence. Cantina is like the village.

Straightforward and lively. Bustling and funny. Friendly and communicative. At centre stage is the long bar with antique wainscoting from the Bergamo region. Friends are made easily with a tasty bianco or rosso. With the friendly personnel or the guests, its a feast, good value and Italian. And entertainment is always provided. By the "Guggen" music during carnival. By the legendary Cantinata of music regulars. Or in the summer, by seeing and being seen at the most central open air festival of Zürich.

Yes, the village is alive. In many places more contemplative, calmer and cooler. Tina Bar above the Cantina is a haven of peace. The inside decor, an original inheritance of the legendary Savoy Bar from the former Hotel Baur-en-Ville at the Paradenplatz, provides a cosy, secure ambience in plush red. Before or after the hectic rush of the evening programme there is enough space and leisure here for a stimulating talk, an intimate tête-à-tête or a new acquaintance. The pampered clients love the variety of the drinks list as much as the communicative environment. Peace is talking and switching off with such stimulation. A last cigarette and a last glass standing.........

We have invested in the future: since November 1997, 31 Business rooms have been equipped with full internet access. This makes it possible for you to surf the World Wide Web from the comfort of your hotel room and from your own database.

This cost of access is very low because you are connected via a local provider in Zürich and it's easy to log on too: every desk has a special adapter which is where you connect your laptop and modem - and off you go on the data highway, send e-mails, faxes or even create an RAS link with your company back home. You will receive 3 configuration parameters when you check in, it's as easy as that.

The infrastructure for the "Wellenberg Net" was created by Denis Deslex, the network specialist from DDlx- Informatics in Zug. If you want a room in the innovative 4-star Wellenberg hotel in the oldest part of Zürich, the "Dörfli", it's a good idea to book in advance. Go to our reservation request screen.

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