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Yala Village Sri Lanka
Hotel Type: 5 Star
Yala Village Sri Lanka
Yala, Sri Lanka

Yala, Sri Lanka

Yala Village Sri Lanka Accommodation

Awaken to sounds of the ocean, music of the birds or trumpet of an elephant walking across your back yard. All our chalets provide absolute privacy with maximum interaction with the untamed beauty of Mother Nature. You have the choice of a wide array of themed chalets, i.e. deer, monkey, peacock etc.
Each luxurious air-conditioned chalet features an animal design element in its interior décor thus creating a unique atmosphere. Deer, monkey and peacock themed chalets are painted in vibrant colours to please the eye. All chalets, which have spacious and well laid out washrooms, are equipped with cable TV, A/C, fan and many more conveniences for the guests. All guests have access to the pool bar, swimming pool and observation deck.

Yala Village Sri Lanka Characteristics and Facilities

Beach Bungalows
The Beach Bungalows face the Indian Ocean and you may be able to feel the salt spray many a day. These are sure to enchant those who love the sea.

Jungle Cabanas
The Jungle Cabanas are located further inland where many an elephant walks by daily. The Cabanas have a rustic look that blends well with the leafy surroundings.

Suite Julian

Suite Julian is the epitome of luxury and is located high above the ground giving the discerning guests a panoramic view of the surrounding vegetation, vistas of the sea and rocky outcrops where leopards are spotted frequently.

  • Pool Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Observation Deck

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