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Hotel Locanda Basel Switzerland
Hotel Type: 3 Star
Hotel Locanda Basel Switzerland
Drahtzugstrasse 61 4057 Basel Switzerland

The Hotel Locanda is situated one minute walk from the Exposition-center.(Mustermesse). There, you find known expositions like Uhren- und Schmuckmesse (Watches and jewellery), die Schweizerische Mustermesse (MUBA=Basel exposition), the ARTs, die Baumesse (Buildings-Exposition) etc.

The city center is 10 min. walk away. Direct trams to the city center, Museums, the port of the Rhein, the Swiss and German station of Basel etc. There is also a carpark with 1400 places quite near to the hotel.

Hotel Locanda Basel Switzerland Accommodation

Our cook invites you to our homely Restaurant which serves mexican dishes. Our service personnel will make your stay more welcome. Our homespecialityes are "Fajitas", a receipe very popular. You can fill the "Tortilla" with what ever you desire. You can profite from our atmosphere alone or with many people.

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