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Hotel Ansgar Esbjerg Denmark
Hotel Type: 3 Star
Hotel Ansgar Esbjerg Denmark
Skolegade 36, 6700 Esbjerg

Skolegade 36, 6700 Esbjerg.

Hotel Ansgar Esbjerg Denmark Accommodation

Ansgar has 53 rooms. Rebuildings are taking place almost every year, thus few rooms are alike, and they offer a wide span in both price and size, from kr. 590,00 for the least expensive single room to kr. 965,00 for the most expensive double room. Below are some examples, and rooms come both smaller and larger than these. All rooms have telephone, TV, shower or bath and toilet, while nearly every room has minibar. The prices, which are all per night including breakfast, will be displayed when holding the cursor over the image.

Hotel Ansgar Esbjerg Denmark Characteristics and Facilities
In the beginning, our restaurant was a rendezvous for the fisher families. Since then the resaurant has changed, but the soup, the roasts and the soft rolls are still being made like they were then. Our kitchen upholds their traditions along with seeking renewal, which is why the menu is split between the daily menu, regularly changed specialities and a permanent à la carte menu. Our span is wide, and we will serve you simple, danish stews or 6-course gourmet meals with the same pleasure.

Our maximum capacity being 120 persons, we have rooms with a capacity up to 70 persons. If your party is bigger, we can deliver to your arrangement. Whatever arrangement you may wish, you are always welcome for a talk. Do come by us - and bring home some of Ansgar's good soup.

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