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Sree Annapoorna Lodging Coimbatore India
Hotel Type: 2 Star
Sree Annapoorna Lodging Coimbatore India
75, East Arockiasany Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore - India

Sree Annapoorna lodging now a three star hotel is located in the centre of Coimbatore so as to provide easy access to travel. It is three kilometers from the Gandhipuram Bus stand, three kilometers from the Coimbatore railway junction and 12 kilometers from the Coimbatore aerodrome.

Sree Annapoorna Lodging Coimbatore India Accommodation

The interior décor and ambience of the complex radiate a sophisticated and timeless elegance that carries on into the rooms themselves. Rooms in Sree Annapoorna Lodging are equipped with the latest creature comforts such as air-conditioning and refrigerators depending on the type of room one requires. All rooms have 24 hour running water on tap, hot or cold. Clean, hygienic water is provided for drinking.

Sree Annapoorna Lodging Coimbatore India Characteristics and Facilities

Top notch room service has been a major hallmark of the hotel electronic phones helps you to set up your laptop and get connected to the world at flash. Web cafes, telephone booths and other facilities within a minute's walk from the complex, should you feel like doing your own shopping.
The hotel also has its own travel desk to Facilitate convenient travel arrangements. Sree Annapoorna lodging also has excellent parking facilities in case they should be needed. 

The lodging complex contains Narmada hall, one conference room, the chamber hall and three banquet halls, Ganga hall, Kaveri hall and Sree Annapoorna Kalaiarangam. 

RESTAURANT : Our cuisine is prepared to meet the highest standards and to offer a carefully balanced diet. Each day, we offer meatless selections, an extensive salad bar, and fresh fruit. We pledge to select only prime, healthful vegetarian ingredients and apply advanced technologies to provide consumers with food products that are delightfully tasty, healthful and convenient. We plan our menus to recognize and promote special nutritional awareness days.

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