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Kinasi on Mafia Island Tanzania
Hotel Type: Other
Kinasi on Mafia Island Tanzania
Mafia Island Tanzania

Mafia Island Tanzania

Kinasi on Mafia Island Tanzania Characteristics and Facilities

The activities available at KINASI include:

  • Sailing with lasers, wind surfers and local ngalawas and paddling canoes
  • Snorkelling and swimming
  • Scuba diving (including Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water and training courses for advanced divers)
  • Game fishing (light inshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing)
  • Island and beach picnics by boat (e.g. to Kitutia Reef or Miewe Island), including snorkelling and diving, picnic lunch and beverages
  • Boat excursions to villages to see traditional living and boat building (Chole and Jibondo Islands)
  • Camping excursions by boat to north Mafia and Okuza and Nyuni islands (south of Mafia) for scuba divers, snorkellers, fishermen and adventurers (by arrangement)
  • Chole Bay sunset cruises (late afternoons-evenings)
  • Bird-watching by boat or on foot (especially along the nature trail)
  • Bat roosts of the giant fruit bat on Chole Island
  • Nature walks from Kinasi and in coastal forests (Mlola Forest) with a picnic on Chuvia Bay
  • Road safaris to tour the island and visit beaches, villages and commercial coconut plantations
  • Mountain bikes for seeing some of the island in an energetic manner!
  • Relax and read at the swimming pool, beach and gardens in our unique hammock bandas
  • Games include badminton, table tennis, football (with the local teams), volleyball, boule (bocce), croquet, kite-flying, frisbees, keram, bao, backgammon, chess, drafts, scrabble, trivial pursuit, plays and cards
  • video, satellite television and sound systems, with an extensive music collection
  • make use of our excellent library of technical books on marine life, birds, butterflies, animals, plants, references on all aspects of Mafia Island, as well as novels and a range of sports and fashion magazines

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