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Imperial Hotel New Delhi India
Hotel Type: 5 Star
Imperial Hotel New Delhi India
Janpath, New Delhi - INDIA

In the heart of city, 1-1/2 km from New Delhi Station, 18 km from international airport and 11 km from domestic airport .
The Imperial is located on the prestigious Queen's Way, now Janpath. It is a stone's throw away from Connaught Place, world's most uniquely designed, fashionable shopping market and premium business district of New Delhi.

The International and Domestic airports are a convenient half an hour's drive through wide
tree-lined avenues of Lutyen's New Delhi. As you approach the hotel, you pass by the Viceregal Lodge, now The President's Palace, The Parliament House and the North and South Block, nerve center of the offices of the Government of India.

Imperial Hotel New Delhi India Accommodation

Two hundred and sixty three spacious singles, doubles and suites, the rooms at The Imperial retain the regal flourishes of a wondrous past. With it’s high ceilings, impeccable décor, combined with modern comforts, The Imperial is a delight of the fastidious connoisseur.

Privacy, tranquility and unwritten personal attention bring it’s patrons back to the hotel year after year. 'The First Maiden of the East' is seldom, if ever deserted by her guests, who adore her with persevering loyalty.

Imperial Hotel New Delhi India Characteristics and Facilities

The Spice Route was the grand riddle and also the golden chariot of the medieval world. From whence came the aromatic gold of the Indies. The restaurant offers humble homage and obeisance to the painters of Guruvayur, to the craftsmen of Borbudur and the wats of Kurugehep, now known as Bangkok.
Within its museum quality interiors' we invite you to an armchair travelogue to the wonders of South- East Asian cuisine from the historical 'Spice Route'.

The Daniell's Tavern is the most elegant restaurant in town and houses the famous works of Thomas & William Daniells, the uncle and nephew duo, who travelled extensively in India during 1786-1793 and painted its unrivalled scenery. In the process they also discovered the cuisine of India. The restaurant offers Colonial Indian and Continental cuisine complete with a live band and a Bar.

This was Pandit Nehru's favourite place to meet with his friends. Over tea and snacks, they would discuss at length lofty ideals and more practical matters.

Now renovated this quiet white - trellised verandah is 'The Garden Party' restaurant. A secluded spot for quick meals and delicious snacks round the clock, it overlooks acres of lush green garden of the hotel.

Patiala Peg : The Patiala Peg commemorates the Maharaja of Patiala's team's victory over the Viceroy's, in a robust game of tent-pegging in the early 1900's. The Patiala Peg with it's stock of fine wines and liquors, offers the perfect setting to relax after a hard day's

CONFERENCE FACILITY: The Royal Ballroom evokes the splendour of Lords and Ladies bowing and curtseying, before they swirled across the floor to the strains of waltzes. This is where the distinguished guests amused themselves when the hotel was opened in 1933, by Lord Willingdon.

Probably the only authentic ballroom remaining in India.

The vast ballroom today also serves as a venue for conferences and lavish parties for the elite, sitting up to 500 guests, auditorium style.

The Imperial also offers two mid-sized confrence rooms for upto 80 people each and three exclusive meeting rooms which can individually accomodate upto 18 quests.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES : While the rest of New Delhi has thrust itself skyward around the hotel, The Imperial lies like a green palm-fringed oasis. Nothing typifies this more than the private swimming pool deep in the shaded grounds of the hotel. Service at the poolside is from The Imperial Snack Bar. A true respite from vigours of modern day life!

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