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Bladypi Guest House Torshavn Faroe Island
Hotel Type: Other
Bladypi Guest House Torshavn Faroe Island
Dr. Jakobsens gøta 1416 FO100 Tórshavn Faroe Island

Situated in the heart of the world's smallest capital, Torshavn.

Bladypi Guest House Torshavn Faroe Island Characteristics and Facilities

The Faroese are descendents of ancient Vikings who arrived in the archipelago in 825 AD. Remnants of an ancient way of life still pervade the culture. The medieval chain dance is still practiced; sheep still outnumber people, walking in the hills is still considered a pleasant family outing. Remoteness does have its advantages. Feel free to safely wander the village streets and shops, to stay up late, to sleep late, to turn off your mobile telephone, to relax, to ponder the great mysteries of life. In the Faroe Islands, visitors are treated like family; hospitality is a way of life.

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